I’m glad you reached my page. Please feel free to check my work. Due to confidentiality reasons, I wouldn’t be able to post most of my projects here.

Sam Davies
" Great guy to work with! We hired Adrian to handle the website development for our brand and he exceeded expectations in a timely manner. Adrian communicated clearly & professionally, and he delivered truly impressive results that we feel proud about. I look forward to working with him again for future projects! "
Ben Spiessens
" Adrian is very good at being able to understand the overall scope of a project, then to break that down into manageable and accomplishable chunks. He is not afraid to ask questions in order to clarify and understand. Very willing to learn everything. And always greets you with a smile! I Consider myself very lucky to have been able to work with Adrian! "
Dan Eng
" Roy approaches tasks with a smile on his face and an eagerness to learn. For one of my classes, he was required to do cold-calling in order to conduct an informed information interview. "
Hagai Maidenburg
" I’ve had the privilege of working with Adrian for 4 years and can honestly say that he is one of the hardest working and most reliable employees i’ve ever had the pleasure of mentoring. Always a team player willing to take on any task, Adrian is the kind of guy that goes the extra mile and puts in the extra effort to make sure that he finishes what was assigned to him. I have no doubt that he will excel in whatever organization is lucky enough to have him next "
Nicoleta Z
" Adrian is an exceptionally talented student. His solutions are written in clean and elegant code. As his instructor, I have no doubt on his commitment, work ethic and technical skills. I am pleased to recommend him to any organization. "
Ton Tran
" Adrian Roy is a passionate developer. He is accountable and passionate in what he is doing in his job. Moreover, he does not want to get his job done in demand. He always requires for higher expectations from his work. As a quick learner, he is applying what he studied about the new technologies to his job. Roy does not only learn new things from the internet, also he is asking for experience from seniors and sharing his knowledge to other colleagues. Additionally, his personality which is the persistence motivates other team members as well. "
Jiji Canayong
" Adrian Roy is very active and smart student. He is very passionate in everything he does and you can tell that he love what he's doing especially in coding. He is born to be a programmer and also he is a team leader type of a person. Companies that will hire him will never regret to have him. "
Andre Cordova
" Adrian has been an excellent student throughout every student year obtaining outstanding marks on every course. Adrian is not only a good student but also an honest person with integrity, dedication and hard work. He has also demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and advance programming skills.

Since the first day of classes Adrian has been helping his classmates who lack experience and knowledge in programming demonstrating his interest in helping others. Adrian is a positive and tireless contributor making him a great teammate. "